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Public Speaking Class

Kathy is a trained public speaker who currently trains and equips her team of speakers to speak under the anointing as well as with spiritual excellence.

In this class you will learn the art of public speaking! Whether it’s for a worship service, lecture, Bible study, conference or retreat! To finish this class, each participant will put together a five minute message to share with the class…a great opportunity to be evaluated, critiqued and use the tools you were given. 

Class 1

Learn the art of public speaking!  Learn everything you need to about speaking publicly whether at a Bible study, lecture, worship service, conference or retreat.  Learn the professional speaker's secret of getting your audience's attention, how to put together a message, how to dress, positions and stances at the podium, how to use a testimony, insert quotes and quips and where to find great writing resources.   

Class 2

Complete the writing assignment to prepare a brief 5 minute teaching that will be given to you during Class 1.  Use the tips you were given on presentation while you teach and present your message in front of the class for evaluation, encouragement and feedback.

Cost of class $50/person  

Public Speaker – This course is for anyone desiring to be a public speaker in a Christian arena; whether at a Bible study, worship service, pulpit supply, retreat or conference speaker.  Learn how to write a talk, present, tools and assistance and everything a speaker should know.  To register for this course,click here.