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Prophetic Course

Prophetic Activation – Personal mentorship, impartation and activation by Prophetess Kathy DeGraw.  Allow her to lead her through her complete prophetic school with over 20 topics, video's, workbooks, and notes.  She has personally mentored people to walk in the prophetic and pull down and manifest their prophetic words.

Cost of course is $250 and includes certification of completion and personal interaction with Kathy.

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Prophetic Training School

Our school starts with prayer and entering into the presence of God. During all our schools we yield to the Holy Spirit and His direction and leading, prophetic words are given to each participant at the end of the school. In addition, prophetic exercises are done in each session where each attendee gets the opportunity to be stretched in the direction of the prophetic. This could include listening prayer, gathering words of knowledge, getting visions or pictures in their mind and practicing the prophetic. Leaders will oversee the school as well as the prophetic words given out by participants.

Below is the outline of the Prophetic School offered by DeGraw MInistries

Class 1 – Introduction

•              Learn how you can get your own prophetic word from the Lord
•              Can every believer prophecy?
•              What the bible says about prophecy
•              Learn how to prophesy
•              How the prophetic has to be pure and have the love of God in it
•              Purpose of the prophetic – edification, exhortation and comfort
•              How to stir the prophetic gifting

Class 2-How to Prophesy

•              Understanding the difference between the office and gift of prophecy
•              How to release the prophetic
•              Prophetic cautions
•              Understanding the conditions of prophecy
•              Understanding prophecy for correction
•              Character and cleansing of the prophet
•              Different ways to receive revelation

Class 3-False Prophecy, Visions, Ministry

•              How do I study the prophetic?
•              Learn the 9 ways to receive a prophetic word
•              Learn how to test a prophetic word
•              What the Bible says about false prophecy
•              Learn how to prophesy over yourself
•              How to keep your flesh and emotions out of your prophetic words

Class 4-What To Do With Prophetic Words

•              How to deliver a word so the person receiving it can remember
•              How to claim, call forth and decree your prophetic words

During this session the participants will be doing prophetic exercises to increase in their understanding of what they have learned as well as practicing operating in the prophetic.

This school is 8-10 hours long depending on participants and move of the Holy Spirit, it can be broken down into 2 hour or 4 hour sessions.

Contact us for hours, availability and session arrangement.

I have attended the DeGraw Ministries' prophetic class.  It was filled with in-depth teaching on the subject including biblical references to back-up the material presented.  We were given hands-on activities so that we could "practice" in the prophetic and grow in our God-given abilities.  I appreciated how Kathy (the teacher) let the Holy Spirit lead her in what to teach and when.  If anyone believes God has given them the gift of prophecy, has had an anointing for prophecy or just want to learn more about it I would recommend this class! 
All of the classes have been a huge help in my spiritual growth, especially the Prophetic class.   I hadn't seen the prophetic gift as just that that a "gift". As I am becoming more aware of how important the prophetic is in the healing of the broken hearted, the more I embrace and welcome the gift.