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Prayer Intensive Training



Learn all aspects of prayer through a personal discipleship program with Kathy training you personally.



  • •    Praying the Psalms-Diagraming the Psalms including Warfare vs. Praises
  • •    Entering into Prayer and Opening God’s Ears
  • •    Silent Meditation to Receive Holy Revelation
  • •    Natural Verses Spiritual Prayer
  • •    Power of Praying Audibly
  • •    Praying in the Spirit / Tongues - Includes how to enhance your spirit language and pull on your spirit man for increase and intensity in your prayer language.
  • •    Praying in your Mind versus Audibly.  – When we should pray silently versus when we need to declare and decree audibly.
  • •    The Power of Speaking Out Declarations, Commands and Decrees.
  • •    Get up and Get Moving – How not to allow your prayer life to become stagnant.  – Moving in the natural to release the spiritual.
  • •    Propelling your prayer life to the next level!
  • •    Transitioning from Silent Prayer – Connecting spirit to Spirit to Pray Audibly.
  • •    The Power of Opening Our Mouths in Prayer
  • •    Praying About it vs. Thinking About it
  • •    Connecting Spirit to spirit – the value of our intake valve.
  • •    Prayer Watches – including what it means to prayer in specific time frames and hours.
  • •    Night Time Burdens and Warfare Activity - Praying in the night hours, 3am hour, and witchcraft assignments that target the night season.
  • •    Prayer and Fasting
  • •    Restricting Enemy Access to Your Prayer Petitions
  • •    Taking Authority over Demonic Assignments
  • •    Praying the Will of the Father
  • •    Praying the Names of God
  • •    Praying the Scriptures
  • •    Speak Out – satan Can’t hear what you think – Speak!
  • •    Your Words are Prophetically Assigned
  • •    Knowing verses Feeling – Do you KNOW the answer or feel you have the answer?
  • •    Declaring According to the Will and Word of God
  • •    Completing, Covering, and Protecting your Prayer Time
  • •    How did Jesus Pray? – His model of prayer
  • •    What the Bible says about Prayer

Includes prayer books and personal calls with Kathy in which she will coach you in different ways to pray.

Cost is $325.00 for personal mentorship for one year.

Kathy will be your personal coach to assist you in achieving new depths and levels of prayer. Click hereto register.