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As a prophet or evangelist we need to know how to go into the place we are ministering with respect and honor.  It is our duty to submit to the leadership of the local congregation hosting us.  What we are comfortable and familiar with might not be the same for another ministry, church or region.  It is our responsibility to learn the ways we can leave a church with honor and unity.

Ministry Etiquette Class

Take this class before you make a mistake!  Different cultures, churches, ministries, regions and people have different rules and expectations of ministry.  As you travel the globe and get connected with other ministries learn how you can honor them and their diversity and minister and be received with spiritual excellence! 

In this class learn the difference between apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, deacons, elders, ministers and more… Learn the expectancies and duties of an armor bearer!

In this class you will learn expectancies of others in ministry, how to respect their views and opinions and how to honor them when you minister among them.

If you are going to be traveling the globe this class will assist you to minister with spiritual excellence!

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