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Inner Healing School-  LIVE course being held in Grand Rapids, Michigan - November 2018 - see event page for details.

For ONLINE COURSE ONLY- Courses taught from two angles; either how to receive inner healing for yourself or how to minister in the area of inner healing.  REGISTER FOR ANY INNER HEALING AND DELIVERANCE COURSE, by clicking here.


Inner Healing School

DeGraw Ministries believes that inner healing and deliverance are both integral steps in receiving freedom.
This course can be taken in order to receive inner healing or minister inner healing.
It is taught from two angles so the participants can receive for themselves while training to assist others.

Schedule this two-day school in your area today by clicking here


DAY 1 

  • What is inner healing?
  • Forgiveness
  • Fear/Intimidation
  • Rebellion
  • Rejection and People Pleasing
  • Anger
  • Relationships – Distrust and Disunity-Family dissension and Adultery
  • Soul – Jesus wants our soul balanced!
  • Pride and Attention
  • Control and Manipulation
  • Lust and Perversion
  • Addictions-narcotics, alcohol, food, electronics
  • Loss of a child - death, miscarriage, abortion
  • Passivity / Complacency
  • Unworthiness
  • Fear / Intimidation
  • Financial Breakthroughs
  • Self Worth-Unworthiness
  • Self-Condemnation
  • Offense

Additional topics regarding inner healing can be incorporated from the Deliverance School Outline.