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Government Course available by email!

Government Paperwork Course – This course package will be emailed to you upon registration.  In this course learn the government paperwork required to set up a 501c3 ministry.  Receive form names and numbers for the state (Michigan) and federal governments. This program has the state of Michigan requirements, form numbers and names.  Visit your state website to compare forms and find the necessary forms for your state.  Learn what is required to start a corporation.  How to file a 501c3 without an attorney or with minimum help from legal counsel and what are the fine details you need to know in order to get approved the first time.  For more information, click here.  TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, click here.

Government Paperwork Class

In this class you will learn about and receive a list of the forms you need to file with the government for starting your own non-profit ministry.

Through this class save thousands of dollars in attorney fees as Kathy DeGraw will teach you how to file your 501c3 forms and many others without legal assistance! Kathy searched all around and could not find a single resource, business professional or government website that listed all the forms a non-profit was required to file.  She started her own list and formed her organization and now desires to help others figure out what she had to discover on her own.

She will give you form numbers, website addresses and guide you through this 2 hour class on where and how to start filing your forms. 

Have Kathy out to teach in your region, equip your ministry and teach a class in your area.  You may also request to be added to our mailing list and we will contact you the next time a school is held in Michigan.

Cost of the school $100/person

 Minimum requirement is required to bring the school to your area.
 Due to the legal aspects of the class we are unable to forward the government listing of documents and information without class attendance. 

A note from Kathy ~
When I was searching out how to start a ministry I could not find information anywhere that listed all the paperwork I needed to file.  I have always been passionate about helping others and allowing them to learn from my experiences.  After learning all I could about the government forms a ministry is required to file I decided to put together a class.  During my process a lawyer saved me thousands of dollars in offering some simple advice instead of having him file my paperwork.  Therefore, I set out on a course to do this myself, and I did!  I filed my 501c3 non-profit paperwork and the government accepted my request the first time around. I learned how easy taxes and filings were to do and now after using an accountant for the first year of our ministry we now file our own forms and save the ministry hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.  It really is easy to do.  I hope I can help you!