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Deliverance School Training

Deliverance -  Training provided online or host at your church.  Course outline listed below.  Those seeking deliverance should take the online inner healing course which has aspects of deliverance ministry.  The deliverance course is designed for those desiring to minister deliverance.

In the course work directly with Best Selling Author and Spiritual Warfare Strategist, Apostle Kathy DeGraw.  She has written several books on deliverance, is a prophetic voice recognized by Destiny Image, Elijah List and Charisma Magazine, and she has taught deliverance to ministries internationally. 

The course is at your own pace and typically requires 1-2 hours of work per week and lasts for one year.  If you want a more aggressive schedule that can be accomodated, course can be completed sooner if you turn in your assignments more frequently.

All lessons and instruction are by Kathy personally via email, phone, video, text, skype, books and other media avenues she presents for you to learn.  You have direct access to her to ask questions, trouble shoot and handle any challenges you have while receiving inner healing and deliverance for yourself or another person.

Cost of inner healing OR deliverance (one course) online is $299.00 cost of both inner healing and deliverance online is $500.00 - Includes direct interaction, mentorship, and ministry with Kathy.  Churches inquiring about hosting a school and costs please contact

At the completion of the course you can be certified and if you are seeking licensing that is something that can also be pursued.

A list of inner healing topics is listed below - however please consider the combination course of inner healing and deliverance as they go hand in hand.

Courses taught from two angles; either how to receive deliverance for yourself or how to minister in the area of deliverance.  REGISTER FOR ANY INNER HEALING AND DELIVERANCE COURSE, by clicking here.  

Deliverance School Outline

DeGraw Ministries believes that inner healing and deliverance are both integral steps in receiving freedom. In this Deliverance School learn how to start your own ministry, discernment, strongman spirits and the deepest facts about deliverance and evil spirits.  This course will equip you to assist in spiritual warfare or start your own deliverance ministry. 

In this school participants receive freedom while learning to minister freedom.  Though teaching, we allow the Holy Spirit to lead our meetings and move prophetically to change the lives and empower the participants.  Schedule this 3-day school or add the inner healing school for a 4-5 day school in your area today by clicking here


Session 1 - Basic Deliverance Knowledge 
What the Bible says about deliverance
Demonic Storm
Knowing your authority
Can Christians have demons?
Deliverance from the womb to the tomb
Ways demons can enter Christians
Spiritual Warfare
Studying about deliverance
Defining a deliverance session to a potential client
Boundaries in deliverance
Casting a simple spirit off someone vs a deliverance session
Overcoming fear of the demonic
How we torment the devil by reading the scriptures in Revelation
Steps in deliverance
Spiritual housekeeping
Can demons be on objects
Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Session 2 - Discernment and Discerning of the Spirits
Introduction to discernment
How to function without a strong gift of discernment
Demonic images 
Discerning people
Discerning rooms and areas
Behind every strongman is a lie
Demons taking people into a trance
Mind Binding spirits
Timeline the entry point
Spirit of distraction
Pride and Leviathan
Familiar spirits
Control & Jezebel
Slumber/dormant spirits


Session 3 - Strongman Spirits
Generational Curses
Soul Ties
Wicca and Occult facts, signs, warnings
Strongman spirits
Perverse and sexual spirits
Religious spirits
MPD-DID vs demonic
Satanic ritual abuse



Deliverance Books

God used DeGraw Ministries to speak a lot of truth.  It was very informational yet practical.  They shared a lot of supernatural revelation that equips me to more walk in life with greater awareness.  The teaching I received is going to and already has begun setting my mind free and wreaking havoc on the plans on the enemy.  Teaching of deliverance like this is needed in the body today.  Thank you Lord for the way you are using the DeGraw Ministry.  It gives me a greater hope for God to use me in deliverance ministry.  -Maria
I learned a wealth of Godly information! The school was packed with an abundance of scripture in relation to freedom for all from captivity and sickness.  It was clear, concise, deeply informative; rich in knowledge and understanding, and it was fun! We are trained and equipped as God’s warriors to be released into the world for the cause of Jesus Christ. This teaching will equip God’s troops to scale high walls and topple over mountains. 
– Diane