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Book Publishing Class

Ministry founder, Kathy DeGraw, has currently published 8 books.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit and through self education she has learned how to pursue the calling God has put on her life to be an author!  Kathy currently has an ongoing list of books the Lord is calling her to write.

Although she never really had a desire to write, she learned how to be a writer.  Kathy also learned how to make adjustments with grammar and punctuation and how to research the market and put together book proposals to get her books published.  Like her other classes, Kathy’s desire is to share the knowledge she received through her research with others. Below is what you will learn in this class: 

Class 1 – How do I put my thoughts on paper?  I have so many thoughts, how do I even begin to put them down on paper? How do I create a book? What are the punctuation and grammar rules? Get the answers to this and so much more.  Kathy will teach you everything you need to know about writing for the glory of the Lord.

Class 2 – How do I get published?  How do I get an authentic Christian publisher to market my book?  What is the difference between POD, vanity, traditional and self publishing?  How do I know if the company is reputable and who will publish a first time author?  Learn all these facts and more in order to get your book published! 

In addition, you learn marketing techniques to get your books on shelves as well as how to contact buyers! We will even give you a list of all the information, publishers, and bookstores and sellers we have compiled.  

This class is only $50/person and will get you on the way to writing your book!

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