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Destiny Discipleship – INTENSE PROGRAM custom written by Kathy for you. 

Release YOUR destiny through prophetic insights, Holy Spirit instruction and natural insights of what you want to learn!

  • Walk in the Supernatural
  • Release the Prophetic
  • Activate your Gifts
  • Manifest your Prophecies
  • Become a Prayer Warrior
  • Combat Spiritual Warfare
  • Increase in Discernment
  • Secret Place Encounters

Kathy will personally disciple you through text, emails, phone calls, Skype and videos.

 Register on the store page under Destiny Discipleship icon.

Complete list of training schools is located to the left.


DeGraw Ministries Training Schools

Ron and Kathy DeGraw are passionate about discipling people for the ministry God is calling them.  Kathy has personally written all these schools and courses. She travels the United States training and teaching deliverance and prophetic schools.  She also created the Believers Boot Camp International Discipleship School where people from around the world can now learn through her personal online school.  

Strong manifestations of the Spirit, healing, deliverance and prophetic activation can and will spontaneously manifest at schools where the instructors and participants will end up yielding to the movement and unction of the Spirit.  These schools are all set up in order for the participant to receive for themselves and at the same time be able to be equipped to teach and minister.

ONLINE SCHOOLS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and require 1-2 hours a week at your convenience.  Each school is individual and at your own pace, you are not grouped together with other students.  Course takes 4-12 months depending on your schedule and commitment.  Course is one year in length at which time you can renew or discontinue. 


Prophetic Release – Learn how to manifest your prophetic destiny.  This shortened course will teach you how to pull down and release your prophetic words to manifestation and will have you operating in basic prophecy.  Register under the store page and click on the Prophetic Release icon.  Cost is $125 for three months of training.

Destiny Release – This brief course will assist you in overcoming the three greatest things hindering your destiny, and everyone’s three things will be different.  Prophetess Kathy will discern based on some questions what is blocking, hindering or making your walk stagnant.  She will instruct and teach you how to overcome these blockages so you can start the new year fresh and on fire.  Register under the store page and click on the Destiny Release icon.  Cost is $160 for three months of training and prophetic insight to overcome your obstacles.

Propel Me – This accelerated course is available for a one-time ministry with Kathy.  Kathy will give you prophetic direction and instruction based on questions asked and Holy Spirit leading.  This propel me course will put you on track of what needs to be done to release your healing, deliverance, prophetic words or how to bind and restrict the roadblocks and hindrances of your life and give you tactical prayer strategies.  Register under the store page and click on the Propel me course.  Cost is $100.

Prayer Strategies – This short course will allow you to convey to Kathy your struggles and what opposition you are facing.  She will give you prayer strategies to overcome them and will give you a time of follow up to make sure you are conquering your spiritual warfare.  Register under the store page and click on the Prayer Strategies course.  Cost is $135 and includes some declaration books.

Every Scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God's approval. 
(2 Tim. 3:16 GW)




Learn all aspects of prayer through a personal discipleship program with Kathy.

Includes: Decrees and Declarations, Warfare Prayer, Praying the Psalms, Warfare Prayer, Prayer Watches, Praying aloud vs silent, Praying in the Spirit, Praying the Names of God, Praying vs Declaring, Romans 8, Fasting and Authority.

Includes prayer books and personal calls with Kathy in which she will coach you in different ways to pray.

Kathy will be your personal coach to assist you in achieving new depths and levels of prayer. Click here to register.