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Online Courses - Believers Boot Camp International Discipleship Program

If you are interested in taking our deliverance training course - PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US AND TELL US THAT.  This is a very intensive class.  Whether you want it for yourself to receive deliverance or to train on how to do deliverance.  Due to the hours of training and cost we have put into learning about deliverance we do charge a fee for this class.  Our fee is the lowest you will find anywhere.  Please do not email concerning registration.  You do have to pay for this class.  You can go to the online courses and it specifies how to register or you can go directly to the store page and pay via paypal and we will get started right away.  Due to the amount of inquiries we get we cannot respond to all email inquiries.  Please follow instructions on the page. Thanks!

Deliverance and/or Inner Healing Course
– These courses are available for anyone wanting to learn how to minister in the area of inner healing and deliverance, start their own deliverance ministry or teams and for people who want to walk themselves through the steps of freedom from past issues and demonic bondages.  This is a duplicate of the inner healing and deliverance course we teach around the United States.  To learn more and for a detailed description of these intensive courses, click hereTO REGISTER FOR ANY INNER HEALING AND DELIVERANCE COURSE, click here.

Prophetic Activation – Prophecy is a valuable ministry for edification and exhortation.  Prophecy is easy.  All can prophesy, however it is wise to get instruction and learn the facts so we can prophesy out of the spirit and not out of our flesh.  This course will not only teach you how to prophesy, but how to receive prophetic words and command them to come into existence.  To learn more about the prophetic activation course, click here.  TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, click here.

Destiny Discipleship – This is our most intense program intended for people who have a hunger and desire of more of God, who desperately cry out for MORE!  In this program personally discipled by Kathy DeGraw you will led into biblical truths, inner healing, prophecy and will learn how to increase your discernment into the spiritual realm.  This program will teach about intimacy, miracles and manifestations of the Spirit.  You will move in a new dimension of operating in the Spirit through this course.  To learn more about this course, click here

We are immediately accepting applications and registration fees for the Destiny Discipleship Course.  NO prior approval is needed please fill out your form and submit it with payment for immediate registration in this valuable deep destiny discipleship course.

Government Paperwork Course – This course package will be emailed to you upon registration.  In this course learn the government paperwork required to set up a 501c3 ministry.  Receive form names and numbers for the state (Michigan) and federal governments. This program has the state of Michigan requirements, form numbers and names.  Visit your state website to compare forms and find the necessary forms for your state.  Learn what is required to start a corporation.  How to file a 501c3 without an attorney or with minimum help from legal counsel and what are the fine details you need to know in order to get approved the first time.  For more information, click here.  TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, click here.

Mentoring – When a local spiritual adviser is not available to you and through relationship you have met someone on the DeGraw Ministries team that you are seeking to sow and invest into you on a regular basis such as mentoring.  This program is limited in number of participants so each participant can receive the maximum impact and attention.  To find out more on mentoring, click here.  TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, click here.

Internship – Our intern program is a one year commitment reviewed by an application process.  As an intern we would impart as much knowledge of ministry as we could in our time together.  Interns learn by assisting in our corporate offices in Michigan and while we travel to other regions.  They train and assist at events, healing and deliverance sessions and every aspect of ministry.  As an intern with our ministry our ultimate goal is to train you to become a team member with us or equip and release you to start your own ministry.  To learn more about our internship program, click here.  TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, click here.

Public Speaker – This course is for anyone desiring to be a public speaker in a Christian arena; whether at a Bible study, worship service, pulpit supply, retreat or conference speaker.  Learn how to write a talk, present, tools and assistance and everything a speaker should know.  To register for this course, click here.

Armor Bearing Basics – This course includes all the information you need on being an armor bearer (spiritual and physical protection for your leader).  You will receive all information in written form, recommending book reading and have online support via email to Kathy’s Armorbearer for questions and answers.  Notes will also include tips on how to care for and respect your leader. To register for this course, click here.