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Our Mission

DeGraw Ministries exists to strengthen, teach, equip and train believers to know their authority in Christ, advance the Kingdom of God, bring people into intimacy with the Lord and preach the complete gospel including healing and deliverance. We accomplish this by working alongside churches and hosting training schools, mentoring programs, personal prayer sessions and conferences. We share the love of the Father with people so they can passionately know and experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth.

God is leading us in a new direction and we are excited to share with you what He is calling us to do in West Michigan.  God has blessed us with the honor and privilege to start a new church in our local area of Grandville Michigan.  Ron and I are so grateful for the open doors God has provided in this new venture as we establish Ruach Ha`Kodesh Apostolic Empowerment Center.

God's timing is perfect as we plan and prepare for the launch of this new church. We give Him all the glory He is due as He has been so faithful to show us the blueprints and  step by step details along our journey. This will be a place of intimacy and worship with the King, deep teaching and impartation of the word of God and a spirit filled place where people are deeply discipled and nurtured.

We are pleased to announce that Pastor Diana Bonebrake will be assisting and co-laboring with us.

We look forward to empowering your walk with the Lord.


Blessings in Christ,

Ron & Kathy DeGraw    


From the Desk of Kathy...Spiritual Excellence

NOT AN INCH...Taking Authority Over The Thoughts In
Your Mind

Not an inch! That is what the Lord tells me and I believe! Not an inch will I give the enemy not an inch! My mind and most of our minds are so filled with clutter and lies of the enemy! He gets us to entertain thoughts of fear, rejection, suicide, depression and other mind binding spirits that get us to focus on wrong thoughts and directions.

Most days believers are plagued with ungodly thoughts. They try so hard to pull their thoughts in the right direction, but with no avail. We have tried for so long to get ahold of our thoughts and it doesn’t work. We live in constant bondage crying out inside in desperation for the freedom that Christ has to offer.

We seek every book, every deliverance ministry and we still can’t find the freedom. We are held in captivity to the thoughts the enemy consistently torments us with.

What is the secret? Where is the freedom that people long for and so desire? I know the freedom people cry out for because I am a deliverance minister. I hear their cries and pleas weekly and I have known my own cries from living with a fearful tormenting mind binding spirit.

What I can tell you is that there is freedom! What is the secret? Being desperate! Coming to a place of such desperation that you are crying out to the Lord for the freedom He longs to give you. But even more…your freedom lies in taking EVERY thought captive; not just some thoughts but EVERY thought captive.

It is like picturing a sledge hammer in your mind and every time that thought comes in hitting it with the hammer and dismissing it.

The Bible says the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. This is also where our part comes into play. Once we are delivered, once we know we have a challenge in front of us, we need to say…NOT AN INCH…NOT AN INCH WILL I GIVE HIM NOT AN INCH…and we need to cast down the thought, cast down the vain imagination, cast down the offense, cast down the hurt.

We cannot allow it to fester not even an INCH. If we will continually cast it down and out then we will be able to take victory over our strongman, victory over our torment, victory over the lying spirits, victory over what occupies our mind. However, it is a conscious effort on our part to say no I am not going to let it in, I am not going to let it take me captive, I am not going to allow the enemy an inch back into my mind.

True freedom comes in Christ and after being bound many years in my thoughts I am here to tell you freedom is possible for those who believe and refuse to give the enemy an INCH!                                              


·         If you can only afford to buy one organic product make it EGGS!

 ·         Organic apples are only 50 cents more/bag and well worth it to miss all the chemicals sprayed on them.

 ·         Iceberg lettuce is used to make a field organic. The iceberg lettuce pulls the chemicals out of the field and after 3 years you can grow organic lettuce in the same field.

 ·         Olive Garden and most restaurants will make your salad with romaine lettuce instead of iceberg upon request.

 ·         Instead of regular milk try coconut milk or almond milk.

 ·         Chickens are pumped so full of hormones that most chickens are so heavy in the breast area that they have difficulties walking and then we digest those hormones!




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