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Do you need healing from rejection, anger, fear, unforgiveness and more?

Allow us to come in with the love of the Father and minister to your personal needs, emotional struggles, physical ailments and demonic strongholds.  Kathy goes deep in the area of deliverance.  Visit her YouTube channel for deliverance teachings.


Kathy uses her prophetic gifting to minister to the broken hearted and discern the realms of darkness that need to be cast out!
Kathy believes in going deep, exposing root causes, annihilating the powers of darkness and exposing the enemy.  She is led by the Holy Spirit to prophetically root out the issue through prayer and instruction.  

DeGraw Ministries does not give deliverance advice or prayer over the phone.  We do not answer questions about deliverance or discern prophetically what is going on for you.  We do not Skype or do phone deliverance.  We have instructions from the Holy Spirit how to minister in the area of deliverance and we will strictly adhere to His instructions.  If you are in need of deliverance and inner healing you can join Kathy's online school where she will lead you through deliverance over a course of time and you will learn both to receive healing and minister healing and freedom to others.  Visit the training tab for information.

Download your application and send via email to or by mail to DeGraw Ministries, PO Box 65, Grandville MI 49468.

Our ministry is a non-profit ministry that functions on the love offerings and financial partnerships from those we minister to. We do not charge a fee for our sessions, however, according to biblical principles we do ask that you kindly give a love offering, for the ministry you have received through Christ.

Through today’s  prayer session I was able to release the spirit of  rejection. I no longer need be concerned whether people accept me for who I am.
I was able to release the spirit of suicide and death. I was able to forgive myself for thinking such thoughts while pregnant with my first child.
I was able to release the spirits of lying, bearing others burdens, and confusion. God is at work renewing my mind; giving is a transformation. I was able to release the spirit of guilt. My children belong to God.
I was able to break soul ties, both those done to me, as well as those I myself allowed to happen. I was able to release the spirit of unworthiness. I am worth everything simply because of the price Jesus himself paid for me. Amen
- Diane

I was once held captive by a lot of baggage, abuse, rape, incest, lust, addictions, only to name a few.  Through Kathy DeGraw and her ministry, I have learned to trust in what the Lord’s Word says and have allowed myself to trust Him in her.  I have been able to confess and be set free and have not been judged for anything, just loved.  At a meeting with Kathy, she was able to get a spirit off me.  It is wonderful to be set free and fully understand the scripture; “Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!” Glory to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
- L.S., Coopersville MI

I felt the Lord leading me to set up a deliverance session with Kathy and her team and was delivered of a large generational spirit of rejection and some other spirits that I was unaware of but that I felt a confirmation in my spirit that they were there.  I believe that by taking the first step of seeking deliverance through the DeGraw Ministries, God used Kathy and her team to prepare me for the healing work God wanted to do.  Thank you for your obedience and humility.
– Jen