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Become a Better You!

Conquer fear, control, unworthiness, unforgiveness!

Be equipped with hope through perseverance!

Every woman has personally dealt with, currently deals with, or knows someone who deals with fear, control, unworthiness and unforgiveness. Join us as we teach and equip you to get rid of fear, unworthiness and unforgiveness and be equipped to have hope despite your circumstances. Learn to persevere in freedom! Why worry, be stressed and concern yourself over things you can't control? Why hang on to the past when you have a bright and beautiful future?


In this retreat learn about healthy female friendships, biblical examples of Godly friendships, how to work through conflict, how to prevent the pattern of gossip, friend vs. boss, reason vs. season, choosing a friend, dealing with a controlling friend, how do you move on if you have been hurt by a friend in the past and more.

Spiritual Unity in the Home Begins With YOU!

We have to be right with ourselves, and right with the Lord to have peace and unity in our marriage and family. In this retreat you will learn how to have that unity through better understanding your spouse, coming to peace with the changes God has made in you, how to persevere and love your spouse through difficult circumstances including being unequally yoked. Hear messages such as worship in freedom of what other people think, my spouse needs to be released from bondages, serving your spouse when they won’t serve you, how do I minister to my spouse and more.

Rest and Renewal

Do you have a hard time slowing down in order to hear from the Lord? Or so busy being a wife and mother you don’t take the time to hear from the Lord? Come and learn how to quiet yourself.  Take time for yourself so you can be a better wife, sister, mother and friend.  This retreat is designed specifically for women to focus on themselves! We will present topics such as soaking, inner peace (stress management), walking in the spirit, listening prayer, etc.

Equipping Believers

This retreat features messages on topics that can assist believers in overcoming and growing in intimacy with the Lord in an effort to take them to the next level of their walk. Featured topics are rejection, religion, discernment, faith, healing, glory, anger, prophetic and intimacy.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first retreat.  It was such a blessing.  I signed up to grow and received more freedom as well as some inner healing. There is still work God is doing  to me but this experience totally stretched me and opened me to being more free in worshiping the Lord. I remember a weight being lifted as I lifted my hands and jumped around instead of swaying.  I felt chains break off and fear of man at that moment.   This retreat through DeGraw ministries was one of the safest places to let go and feel as comfortable as you can without worry of being judged. I was blessed with feeling like a new creation and less burdened. It was an emotionally trying experience but well worth the tears.
 – A.D.
The DeGraw Ministry "Friendship Ministry" was a very timely blessing from start to finish! There was such a pleasant presence of the Lord from the moment I entered the cottage at Maranatha.
I know that God drew each of us there for a specific reason. for me a time of resting in His presence in order to release some burdens, pain, and thinking errors as I continue to renew my mind to the mind of Christ.
The team members were so helpful and obliging not only for my material needs by foremost my spiritual welfare. the way we were cared for was a true example of loving among Christian sisters.
God wooed me further personally to new deeper levels of trust; for our relationship but also with friends. I continue to be greatly blessed by the awesome touch of Jesus through the tender care and teaching of DeGraw Ministries.
- Diane