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Be touched by the healing power of God

DeGraw Ministries believes in being healed from sickness and disease.  Ron and Kathy have both felt God’s divine touch on their lives and have received healing.  They now impart the healing power of God into people and have seen miracles and people supernaturally healed with verified doctor's reports.

Ron has a beginners message on healing that will prepare your people to receive their healing.  In this message he teaches the basics of the 3 principles in order to receive your healing:  1-God is not making you sick, 2-He wants you well and 3-There is something you can do about it.  This is a great message for people who have never heard God’s desire for their physical health.

Kathy has a healing message that covers healing and deliverance.  In this in-depth message she will cover why sometimes we have a roadblock to our healing, why healing is delayed and obstacles to our healing.  She will incorporate the deliverance aspect to healing and how sometimes we have a spiritual issue that needs to be dealt with or a generational curse that needs to be broken off in order for our healing to manifest.

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If God has used Ron, Kathy or DeGraw Ministries for healing in your life, we would love to hear from you! Please share your testimony.

I have 3 lumps on the back of my head and they have been there since I can remember.  Recently, due to their location, they have really begun to bother me and cause me some discomfort.  Because of that, I sought your ministry for prayer for complete healing of these lumps.
When you prayed over me I could feel Gods anointing coming through and I stand firm on His word and claim my healing.  The lumps were hot and burned as you prayed and I knew I was being healed.  The lumps are not totally gone, but they have shrunk and softened. They feel different than before, and part of your prayer was that they would be absorbed. I know the Lord has healed me, and I stand firm while I wait patiently for my complete healing to manifest.
Thank you for your help and your prayer.  I know God's healing is for today and I think you that your ministry is here to assist Gods people!
-Melissa, Jenison MI