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What God Is Doing In Deliverance and Inner Healing!

DeGraw Ministries wants to partner with your church or ministry to bring the love and healing power of God to your ministry and region.

We are so thankful for what the Lord is doing through healing ministry. As we have been training leaders how to do inner healing and deliverance ministry the leaders have discovered that they too needed healing. At the prompting of the Holy Spirit we have changed our training school to be a training and freedom school. No longer do people come just to be equipped, they come to receive freedom! After each talk we take five minutes of group ministry, repentance, forgiveness, impartation, prayer (as well as whatever else the Holy spirit is leading) to break off bondages and strongholds. We want to make sure the leaders are getting the healing they need in order to effectively reach out to the body of Christ.

At a recent school the leaders who attended were greatly changed. In fact, they requested that we host the school again so that the people in their ministries could receive the same knowledge and freedom they experienced. God came in and manifested Himself in such a powerful way that we moved aside and allowed Him to take the school over! It was amazing! The leaders who came to learn how to minister freedom experienced freedom themselves! My team who has sat through deliverance schools before were supernaturally freed of issues in their lives. I was changed! We are so grateful for what God is doing, we have had an increase in the number of personal freedom prayer sessions we are doing on a weekly basis.

We want to invite you to pray through hosting a school for your church, ministry and region. If  we as individuals can get healed of our hurts and pains there will be less hurts in the body of Christ! And this means more effectiveness for the body of Christ!

Please feel free to visit our website and learn more about our Deliverance and Inner Healing Schools.  You will learn more about the topics, format and passion behind why we are in this ministry! Also, we have just expanded our topics and created an additional school to include them!

A Testimony of DeGraw Ministries School

“The topics that are covered in this school are the things that affect each and every person, Christian and non-Christian alike. Thru this school I saw people set free from bondages of rejection, fear, pride, control, unforgiveness, abuse, deep hurts and more. You walk into the school thinking you are going to learn how to help others, and you walk out free from junk you didn’t even know was weighing you down! I think it is an awesome ministry that takes what they have learned and turn it into a place of teaching, discipling and freedom all at once. Praise God that He directs and guides people such as DeGraw Ministries to help equip believers in order to advance His kingdom!”                      - M.J., Michigan

How do you get DeGraw Ministries to your church?

Send us and email, call the ministry office or join us on Facebook! You will get a personal call from ministry leadership to understand exactly what you are looking for and when. Then, we let God take over and show up!

Want to learn more about Deliverance and Inner Healing?

We invite you to review Kathy’s recently published books. She is in the process of writing a book on inner healing. You can order these on our website (here).

· Flesh, Satan or God? 
A book to help you discern who you are hearing from.
· Time To Set The Captives Free 
A book about deliverance and starting your own deliverance ministry.
· On My Knees Again In Worship 
A book about going from a pew sitter to a worshipper.