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Deliverance Training

Deliverance training provided online or host at your church.   Those seeking deliverance should take the online inner healing course which has deliverance incorporated.  The deliverance course is designed for those desiring to minister deliverance.

It is highly recommended if you are seeking deliverance training to take the combination inner healing and deliverance course which includes deliverance through the inner healing process.

Instructor Apostle Kathy DeGraw, best selling author and spiritual warfare strategist.  Kathy is an author and recognized prophetic voice and deliverance minister by Destiny Image, Elijah List and Charisma Magazine.  She travels internationally preaching at conferences and hosting teaching schools to set the captives free and empower leaders to release the ministry of deliverance. 

Course is 4-12 months depending on your commitment and flexiblity to do assignments on time and include certification upon course completion.

All lessons and instruction are by Kathy personally via email, phone, video, text, skype, and books.  Hands on training and mentoring is available when she is in or near your region.

Cost of inner healing OR deliverance (one course) online is $300.00 cost of both inner healing and deliverance online is $500.00 - Churches inquiring about hosting a school and costs please contact, online prices do not reflect church training.

Courses taught from two angles; either how to receive deliverance for yourself or how to minister in the area of deliverance.  REGISTER FOR ANY INNER HEALING AND DELIVERANCE COURSE, by clicking here.