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Be Love Outreach was birthed after Kathy was asked to come and minister to a group of Christian businessmen.  She was there to pour love into them and walked away receiving move love than she gave.  She went away for three days afterward for a time of solitude with the Lord and this one encounter changed the course of her ministry.  She now travels the United States sharing the love of God on her Be Love Prophetic Tours where she ministers to people on the streets, in the marketplace and to the homeless.  She believes we are created to love God and love people, and serve God and serve people.  

The vision of the Be Love Outreach is to provide a material need o lead to a spiritual encounter.

We serve those in need including, but not limited to:

  • People on government assistance.
  • People on temporary disability due to accident and injury.
  • People who do not qualify for government assistance.
  • People who need help for just a few weeks or months going through hardship.
  • People with jobs who can't get assistance or don't have extra money.
  • Low income and low-middle income.


Be Love Outreach Provides the Following Services:

  • Clothing - All sizes - All genders - Due to lack of space we are currently only accepting new clothing.
  • Household Pantry - Kitchen items and linens/bedding. - As available.
  • Coat - Winter Wear Ministry - Currently unavailable.
  • Homeless - We provide a bag/purse to people who are homeless with snacks and basic hygiene essentials, socks and winter gear.
  • Bathroom Essentials - We provide basic soaps, toilet paper and toiletry items. Limited basis; as available.
  • Media Ministry - Providing Bibles and Christian Resources for those desiring to grow in their spiritual walk.
  • Christmas Gifts - We sponsor over 500 children yearly through a public giveaway.  TO QUALIFY WE WILL POST A FILLABLE FORM IN SEPTEMBER ON OUR WEBSITE.
  • Stocking Stuffers - Annual drive to collect and distribute stocking stuffers.


Kathy DeGraw Ministries and Be Love Outreach are not responsible for any damage to vehicles or personal bodily harm while volunteering, this includes transporting to and from events.  By volunteering and appearing at our assigned location whether a church, store, storage, home, business, library, or rental facility in which we host an event, you and your family are agreeing to hold Kathy DeGraw Ministries, Ruach Ha’Kodesh Apostolic Empowerment Center, Be Love Outreach, and the facility we are hosting event at,  its officers, directors, founders and family members free of any litigation, lawsuit, financial responsibility, or legal liability.  You are choosing to come on your own accord and as you come you and your family will accept all risks involved.


Parties include:

  • Valentine's Day - The Ultimate Love Party
  • Kathy's Birthday Celebration - Gift recipients are the community!
  • Easter Party - Providing the true meaning of Easter along with surprises for parents to be able to give their children on Easter morning.
  • Mother's Day - We pamper the mom's with makeup, purses, shoes, clothing...whatever we get donated that is NEW. (not available May 2019)
  • Back to School Giveaway; backpacks, school supplies, shoes, fashion boots, socks, underwear.
  • WinterWear Drive - Coats, gloves, mittens, hats, socks, and scarves ~ all NEW!
  • Free Garage Sales - Yearly garage open house where people can come and take items for free.

Be Love Outreach is operated through our Be Love Outreach Facebook Page.  Operating hours, donation needs and party and free information is posted there. 

If you would like to volunteer for our community pantry or send in a monetary tax donation or contribute items please contact us or click here donate button and mark your donation #belove.

Be Love started by word of mouth and Facebook groups.  It grew rapidly and still continues to expand, especially now since Kathy was awarded Fox 17 News Pay it Forward person of the month for August 2017.

Be Love has several pieces of clothing attire and be love bracelets available for sale on our store page.

Be Love Outreach is operated by Ruach Ha'Kodesh AEC whose oversight is DeGraw Ministries.

Fox 17 News Pay it Forward

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