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Carolyn Navis

Carolyn is passionate about deliverance ministry and releasing people from unknown bondages.  She is dedicated to breaking down and destroying demonic strongholds.  She does this by traveling the United States with Kathy. She also serves as executive director of DeGraw Ministries.  She ministers alongside Kathy in weekly Inner Healing and Deliverance sessions as well as at In His Presence gatherings. Carolyn also teaches at conferencesretreats and training schools.  She is a speaker trained by Speak Up with Confidence.

Carolyn has been married to Dan for over 28 years and has two adult children.

Dillon DeGraw

Dillon DeGraw is 22 years old and is the son of founders, Ron and Kathy DeGraw.  

Dillon has a clear gift of compassion and a servant’s heart.  He operates in a strong healing anointing, along with words of knowledge and the prophetic and has been praying for a healing ministry since he was 8 years old.  

Dillon desires to impart and active youth!  He is employed in the youth department at Resurrection Life Church (a mega church) in Grandville, Michigan.   He interned at the church for 1 1/2 years, started a youth academy (still active today) and organizes and leads up the youth services, youth conferences and youth camps.  He is also a graduate of the International School of Ministry with an associates degree in theology.



Lauren DeGraw

Lauren DeGraw is 18 and the daughter of founders Ron and Kathy DeGraw   She has a genuine and contagious love for the Lord and is displays that wherever she goes.  Her desire it to be pure, pray about everything and seek God’s direction for her life. 

Lauren has a heart for worship.  At the early age of 10 years old she started leading worship in the youth departments at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Michigan.  At 18 she continues to be part of the praise team and lead worship in the middle and high school youth departments and she is on the ensemble assisting in leading worship to over 4000 people.  

Lauren’s desire is to be a worship leader and bring people into a place of intimacy, healing and deliverance in their worship!  She currently is home schooled and ministers alongside her mom.  Lauren also co-wrote, A Worship Woven Life, (LEARNING TO LIVE A LIFE OF PRAISE) with her mom.  
She is also a photographer with her own business specializing in equestrian photos and graduation pictures.

Lauren is a horse lover and is currently learning how to be a trainer.  She has a quarter horse named Shoshana and finds much peace and quietness in the presence of God on her horse's back. 

Pam Kamstra

Pam Kamstra serves as Kathy’s personal armor bearer.  She is responsible for prayer, spiritual and physical protection for Kathy.  Dedicated to her commitment as an armor bearer, Pam has a genuine love for the Lord and protecting God’s anointed one.

Pam is passionate about prayer and has 5 years experience as a prayer team member and has experience assisting on prayer retreats. Everyday she continues to grow in prayer as the Holy Spirit decends upon her and consumes her.

Pam is married to her husband Randy, and resides in Hudsonville, Michigan.

So we, [being] many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. - Romans 12:5