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God's plan was to make me a servant of his church and to send me to preach His complete message to you.  (Col 1:25 CEV)

             Kathy DeGraw

"Kathy DeGraw is an amazing woman of God with many gifts and talents - Jesus is clearly reflected in her!  She imparts and teaches the abundant life in Jesus Christ so beautifully to others due to her own deep and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. 
She knows how to effectively reach each individual, as well as the group, as she comes along beside them assisting and guiding them to "catch" God's revelation and vision, with great wisdom and understanding.  If you are looking for an authoritative speaker who has a message to stir-up the spiritual within the hearts of others with a holy awe and wonder of God, while urging them to walk into deeper waters of intimacy as they go hand in hand with the Spirit - Kathy is the one for you! She is so gifted!"

 - Diane - Grandville, MI

Kathy DeGraw is passionate about releasing the love and power of God to empower people!  She uses her prophetic anointing and the love and power of God to strengthen, teach, set the captives free, and equip believers to experience the fullness of God.  Kathy is a dynamic speaker!  Full of energy and enthusiasm, she releases the love and fire of the Holy Spirit on her audience, leaving them hungering for more of the Lord! 

She has a clear and unique gift of discernment and operates in a strong prophetic, healing and deliverance anointing.  She has published three books and has three additional books in manuscript form based on discernment and her deliverance experience. Time to Set the Captives Free and Flesh, Satan or God and Warfare Declarations are available on the store page or amazon.

She is a worshiper and believes intimacy with the Father is the key to our spiritual walk.  She has co-written a book, A Worship-Woven Life, with her daughter Lauren DeGraw who is a worship leader at a mega church.  She believes the Word of God is powerful and mighty, teaching believers and imparting a passion to be in the Word through Ruach Ha'Kodesh Apostolic Empowerment Center, a church that she and her husband, Pastor Ron, were called to establish in 2013.

Kathy writes for Charisma Magazine/Media and has been published in their print magazines along with being a weekly contributor to their online magazine.  She has more recently assisted Charisma Magazine with their new Life in the Spirit booklet series.  She was a prominent writer in two of the booklets: Baptism of the Holy Spirit and In His Presence.  She was also a contributor to their booklet entitled Spiritual Warfare.  These booklets can be ordered on the DeGraw Ministries store page.

She is passionate about prayer and fasting and has over 15 years' experience in teaching, leading, and organizing prayer, healing rooms, and services. She believes in the power of declaration, warfare prayer, and empowering people to pray.  Kathy, along with her husband, Pastor Ron, have also been directors of an International Healing Room.


Kathy is married to her best friend, Pastor Ron DeGraw, and is a mom to three adult children, Dillon, Amber and Lauren. They reside in Grandville, Michigan.


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