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      Apostle Kathy DeGraw

"Kathy DeGraw is an amazing woman of God with many gifts and talents - Jesus is clearly reflected in her!  She imparts and teaches the abundant life in Jesus Christ so beautifully to others due to her own deep and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. 
She knows how to effectively reach each individual, as well as the group, as she comes along beside them assisting and guiding them to "catch" God's revelation and vision, with great wisdom and understanding.  If you are looking for an authoritative speaker who has a message to stir-up the spiritual within the hearts of others with a holy awe and wonder of God, while urging them to walk into deeper waters of intimacy as they go hand in hand with the Spirit - Kathy is the one for you! She is so gifted!"

 - Diane - Grandville, MI

Kathy DeGraw is passionate about releasing the love and power of God.  She spent two years prostrate on the floor receiving impartation and activation from the Lord and her greatest desires are to set the captives free through deliverance and empower people through discipleship to walk in their prophetic destiny.

Apostle Kathy is a spiritual warfare strategist and prophetic deliverance minister.  She is a recognized prophetic voice and established author with Charisma Magazine, Destiny Image and The Elijah List.  

Her prophetic preaching style with energetic enthusiasm and boldness will ignite audience participants to go out and activate their faith!  She teaches directly from the word of God, mixed with prophetic insights and Holy Spirit revelation that leads people to activation!  Her simple approach to teaching the Scriptures leaves people with practical application to go out immediately and implement the knowledge they receive.

She has a clear and unique gift of discernment and operates in a strong prophetic, healing and deliverance anointing.  In her meetings God's glory is manifested and people are healed and deliverance as the word is being preached.

She has authored several books, with her most recent book, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan,  being a best seller on Amazon's new releasesKathy's book SPEAK OUT is empowering believers and releasing healings and miracles across the U.S.  Her other books including WARFARE DECLARATIONS, POWERFUL PROPHETIC PROCLAMATIONS, IDENTITY INVASION, A WORSHIP WOVEN LIFE AND BAPTISM OF FIRE AND POWER can be ordered by clicking here.

Kathy writes for Charisma Magazine and has been published in their print magazine, online weekly publications, and is a featured author in their Life in the Spirit booklet series, which can be ordered by clicking here.  Kathy is a prophetic voice on The Elijah List and writes for Destiny Image, Ministry Today Magazine and Prophecy Investigators.

She is a prayer warrior and loves to transition people from silent to audible prayer and teach them the power in declaring and speaking out!  She has over 20 years experience in teaching, leading, and organizing prayer, healing rooms, and services. Kathy, along with her husband, Pastor Ron, have also been directors of an John G Lake International Healing Room.

Kathy is married to her best friend of 30 years, Pastor Ron DeGraw, and is a mom to three adult children, Dillon, Amber and Lauren and new son-in-law, Alex. They reside in Grandville, Michigan.

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