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Our Lord Jesus Christ taught and trained His disciples to do the same works that He did on a daily basis. As He neared the end of His time here on earth He told them to continue serving Him even though He would be in Heaven until His second coming. He even promised them that they would do even greater works than He did. Can you imagine that?

My wife, Mary, and I have answered the call to be ministers for Christ across this nation and around the world. We have found DeGraw Ministries to be a very excellent place to receive the true discipleship training needed for us to go out and be the modern-day disciples for Jesus that desire to teach God's word, heal His people and deliver them from their enemies. If you want your life to make an impact for Jesus make sure you contact Pastor Ron & Kathy DeGraw.

-Daniel and Mary Webb

About DeGraw Ministries

DeGraw Ministries releases the love and power of God and empowers people to be love.  Loving and serving God and people is what we are all about.  Being love in every moment, every situation and knowing it is never about us, but always about loving and serving God and people.  We are dedicated to discipling people to know their authority and identity in Christ, advance the Kingdom of God and share the love of God.   We are dedicated to setting the captives free through inner healing and deliverance and desire that all people walk in the fullness of God through the victory purchased at the cross.

DeGraw Ministries is a Spirit filled ministry and will be found prophetically preaching with depth from the word of God and yielding to the Spirit in all of their events.  We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have weekly meetings and church, along with traveling the United States to speak at conferences, teaching schools and events.  

Ron & Kathy DeGraw