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Kathy DeGraw is currently writing for Charisma Magazine.  These articles have been written with you the reader in mind to bring you further along in your spiritual walk.  Follow Kathy DeGraw or Charisma Magazine on Facebook along with clicking on the following links to read her current articles.

Discerning God's Voice
Apply this Biblical Principal When Responding to Social Media Posts
Prophecy 2016 Will Be the Year of the RE
What to do when a Prophetic Word doesn't make sense
How You Can Make Your Prayers More Powerful
When the Enemy Speaks, Fight with the Word 
How to Share the Love of God in everyday Encounters
How to Identify the Spirit of Offense and Move Towards Healing
Prophetic Word - Leaders God wants to Propel You
How do we Pray in a Time of God's Judgment?
Prophecy: The Waiting in the Hardest Part
What's the Difference between Deliverance Ministry and an Exorcism?
Why Trusting God is Crucial for Believers in these Times
How to move from Faithless to Fearless in the Lord
Projecting Love Requires Self-Examination
Prophetic Word - How to Reject the Spirit of Rejection
The Power of Decreeing Your Prayers - 10 minute video
Does Your Will Often Wrestle with God's
Why Do We Lift Our Hands in Worship
Discerning between Holy Spirit Conviction and Demonic Condemnation 
Are we as Pastors Living by 1 Cor.9:27?
How to Trust Again
Entry Level Evangelism
Is the Holy Spirit Your Friend?
Bitterness: Rid Yourself of the Poison Inside of You
Should Christ Followers Love Isis?
Waiting for Mr. Right by Amber DeGraw
How do you Begin Your Prayer or Worship
What's Next After You Have Been Slain in the Spirit?
Can we Help Someone Pray in Tongues?
Do you have Crazy Faith Friends to Stand with You?
Believers Should Lay This Aside and Simply Reflect Love
Walking in God's Love; A Heart for the Homeless
Why It's Crucial to make God's Word a Priority in Life
How to Get Yourself in a Place to Receive God's Instruction
Are You Speaking Generational Curses or Blessings?
How to Combat Betrayal in the Church
Why Should we keep Praying for our Wayward Government?
Soaking Provides Many Benefits but Requires 1 Thing
How to Love Someone who Irritates You
When Emotional Eating Becomes a Spiritual Stronghold
Don't Let One Bad Church Experience Kill Your Desire for Jesus
Don't Let This Detour You From Your Kingdom Work
Rooting Out the Destructive Element of Racism
Speak to Your Mountain and Move it
How to Rid Yourself of Spiritual Complacency
Thrusting Forward the Five Fold Office
In Heaven, Silence Beats Chatter Any Day
At Thanksgiving, Are we Truly Blessing God?
There Really is Power in the Name of Jesus
How to Guard Your Thoughts From the Enemy
Do Your Natural Actions Line up with Your Faith?
How to Love and Forgive When you have been Wounded in a Relationship
How to Minister to a Person Struggling with Lust
10 Tips to Rooting Rebellion out of your Life
What can Facebook Emoticons Add to Our Identity in Christ?
How to Develop Intimacy with the Almighty
Are we Ministry Building or Advancing Kingdom-Akers blog
How to Minister to the Pain of Miscarriage
Would Fewer Pastors Leave the Ministry if they had more of this?
Are You Propelling Forward or Holding Back Your Congregation? 
Why It is Important to be a Good Marketplace Christian
As Christ Followers, Racism Becomes Everyone's Problem
Release Your Kingdom Destiny by Doing These 3 Things
How to Cast Down Condemnation and Take Every Thought Captive
Can Schizophrenia and Mind Illnesses be Healed?
How Prayer and Fasting can help Obliterate Food Addictions
Overcome the Spirit of Rejection by Laying this Aside


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In His Presence Meetings held every Tuesday at 9am.
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