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Ladies in West Michigan join us in Grandville, Michigan for our weekly In His Presence meetings full of worship, teaching, and prophetic ministry.  A great meeting to lead you forth in your walk with the Lord! For more information click on the events page and click on In His Presence.

Sunday our worship service starts at 10:00am. Come and be part of a spirit filled church operating in the gifts and empowering others to do the same.  Check out our church website


Kathy DeGraw invites you to walk alongside her in doing life together through her Christian Life Coaching!  Invite Kathy to walk along side of you, your dreams, your destiny and your day to day life.  Kathy will assist you with intentional planning, time management, goal setting and releasing your dreams and destiny!

Kathy is a trained speaker and ordained prophetic minister.  She has been discipling people for over 8 years and has successfully seen them walk into their destiny, write books and start their own ministry.

Kathy has founded 3 ministries of her own that she successfully runs, has written 9 books and is currently starting her own publishing company.  Kathy has experience in sales, administrative work and she was a successful Tupperware Executive Manager for years, running her own business, team of 25 women, and driving a new van for free, including insurance, because of her leadership, sales expertise and success.

Kathy loves to lead, but more than love to lead, she loves to train others to become leaders.  It is her passion to walk alongside people and train them.  She has currently trained many people through her Believers Boot Camp International Discipleship School and a variety of schools that she travels around the United States in which to train people in the area of ministry.

Fine detail orientation is Kathy’s specialty, from giving you the specifics of how you should do it and assisting you in developing a step by step plan of action.  With fresh ideas specific to your needs she will help you organize even your simple day to day tasks and help you create and find additional time in your day.  Submit your calendar and have her show you how to spread out tasks, consolidate errands and make more time for the things you truly enjoy and want to be busy with, instead of having “things” steal your joy and time.  It’s about producing your dream and destiny by having available time, balancing work/ministry and family time, and making time for what you enjoy while accomplishing your goals.

Kathy is a prophetic minister and hears clearly from the Lord.  During your time, if you choose, Kathy will teach you how to truly hear from God and allow Him to direct your path, leaning on Him for your schedule and allowing Him to guide you in the decisions you feel led to make.

Kathy is passionate about putting the Lord first in everything she does.    She can teach you to do the same or simply provide prophetic insights and be a prayer support to you.  Kathy will sit down with you and make a plan of how much Christian coaching you want.  Her desire is to lead and guide you to walk in the ways of the Lord, allowing you to make Christian decisions that bring you peace and comfort.  She desires to operate in the love of God, while helping you achieve obtainable goals.

Kathy pulls on her prophetic gifting in order to assist you in establishing God’s will and agenda for your life and then sits back and shows you how it will operate in the natural, allowing you to make the decisions that are comfortable for you.

Permeated in prayer and wisdom is what your sessions can be like or simply led by the Spirit of God.  Whether on the phone, skype or in person, Kathy is excited to pour the knowledge she has gained from the Heavenly Father into you, in order to help you do life and start moving forward in your God given dreams, destiny and goals.

Kathy’s coaching specialties:

•        Spiritual and Christian coaching

•        Time management coaching

•        Health and nutrition coaching

•        Work/life balance coaching

•        Relationship coaching

•        Business and Ministry coaching

Kathy will:

•        Get you moving forward.

•        Support you in taking action.

•        Keep  you accountable.

•        Have you thinking and discerning.

•        Guide you to find your own answers.

•        Challenge you and stretch you.

•        Encourage you to follow your dreams.

•        Teach you how to make the right decisions for yourself.

•        Give you the tools you need to reach your goal.

•        Encourage you when you face challenges.

•        Assist you in doing life.

•        Be available to you.


$200 Initial goal planning consultation fee and meeting – via personal contact (contact me for details) or phone consult.


Includes:  One hour weekly phone/Skype consultation

Unlimited:  Text and email availability

Unlimited:  Prophetic/Prayer consult

Charges will be collected monthly via PayPal on the 10th of the month.

Friday - Kathy’s day off – No consultation available.

Sunday and Holidays – Consultation by text only.

Emergencies handled on an as needed basis.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information or a phone consult at

To register and get started in your Christian Life Coaching please register online at under the store page – scroll down to the bottom for Christian Life Coaching.  Once you pay for the $200 initial consultation fee you would be contacted directly by Kathy and your season of life coaching will begin immediately.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!


Thank you for your tax deductible gift of
any size to support the ongoing work of
DeGraw Ministries.

DeGraw Ministries is a prophetic ministry releasing the love and power of God!
We empower people, equip ministries, ignite destinies and release impartation!  

We bring our prophetic evangelism love tours around the U.S. so we can be the church, outside the walls of the church, sharing the love and power of God wherever He leads us!  We are passionate about discipleship and releasing the Kingdom.  We do this through personal mentoring and discipleship and a variety of training schools including our deliverance school and prophetic school.  We further assist believers through physical healinginner healing and deliverance sessions, by hosting conferences and by being keynote speakers at events.  

In His Presence Meetings held every Tuesday at 9am.
Ruach HaKodesh Apostolic Empowerment Center (Church) is co-lead by Pastors Ron and Kathy DeGraw.  
Our Sunday services begin with power prayer at 9:30am followed by a Spirit led service at 10am.  
We invite you to check out Kathy’s books on the store page, her teaching articles on the home page (gold box), and her Believers Boot Camp International Discipleship School, on the training school page where you can host a training school in your area or be trained from home over the internet.

Ron and Kathy